Get ready to transform the way you manage speaker requests with our abstract submission feature. We understand that your busy schedule doesn’t always allow for endless hours of scrolling through your inbox looking for key speakers. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and easy way for speakers to submit their work, but better yet, a concise way for you to manage submissions in four simple steps:

  1. Abstract Submission 
  2. Rating
  3. Review
  4. Scheduling

Abstract Submission

Talk submissions are simple and accessible through the Delegate Connect platform. Prospective speakers can submit their abstracts directly to you which can include videos, highlighted co-authors, ePosters, and more

Rating & Review

Once a speaker has submitted their abstract, it will be housed on the platform. Once you’ve viewed the submission, you’re able to rate each submission out of ten and by categories; Relevance of the talk, ingenuity of the talk, and reputation of the speaker. This easy rating system makes the review process simple and makes it easy to choose the right talent for your event. 


Each speaker will have an average rating from what you’ve provided previously, enabling you to either; approve for an ePoster, approve talk, or reject. Each action fires off an automated email to the potential speaker notifying them almost instantly. Last but not least, you’re able to schedule your successful speakers with ease through the Delegate Connect event portal.

Find out how our abstract submission feature can make your event planning easier! Schedule a demo with our  team today.