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Can I Hold a Business or Public Event during August 2021? Covid Restrictions Victoria

Event organisers, venues and event suppliers across Victoria have again been forced to quickly react to another snap lockdown announced by the state government by cancelling or postponing their planned events.

Victorians are only permitted to leave home for the now familiar list of permitted activities.

These include:

  • getting the food and the supplies you need
  • exercising for up to two hours
  • care or caregiving
  • authorised work or education if you can’t do it from home
  • getting vaccinated at the nearest possible location
Can I still host my event in August?

The Victorian Government has stated that “Public events and business events...Cannot proceed under these settings.” and all “Business function facilities and conference centres” must remain closed during the lockdown - See Victorian Government Table of Restrictions

The current restrictions imposed by the Victorian Government are planned to remain in place until 11:59pm Tuesday 10 August. This means that any in person events that were scheduled to take place in venues across Victoria will be forced to be cancelled or postponed until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

For event organisers, venues and suppliers this is the sixth lockdown they have faced in the state of Victoria since the start of the pandemic. With the vaccine rollout behind schedule and the increased transmissibility of the Delta Variant, any hopes of stability have been dashed for events businesses across the state.

What should I do if I have a big event planned after the 12th of August?

There are no guarantees that events will be permitted after the 12th of August. Therefore, it makes sense to plan for the possibility of another sudden lockdown. 

For event organisers aiming to have an in-person component, we recommend they consider hybrid delivery as it allows for a quick pivot to a purely virtual event if another snap lockdown is announced.

Virtual or hybrid event delivery can be an involved process if you are planning to coordinate a patchwork of suppliers and providers. It is important to check your venue, AV company and other suppliers have a lockdown contingency plan in place to ensure your event can be delivered virtually.

With each successive lockdown, many event organisers have discovered the value in taking their event virtual as it mitigates risk, is more environmentally sustainable and often increases the potential revenue and profitability of their event.

What ways can I now display my content and engage my delegate audience virtually?

If you are planning on pivoting your event and going virtual, we can help. There are a few important considerations we have highlighted for you below.

To run a successful virtual event, it is important to find an event platform that can provide an immersive and engaging experience for your delegates.

At the core of every virtual event is the live stream. So, it makes sense to ensure that your broadcast is executed as seamlessly as possible. This means pre-recording your content where possible, briefing your live speakers, ensuring your broadcast operators are prepared and everyone understands the event day agenda in detail. 

Alongside a seamlessly executed live broadcast, you need to make sure that your delegates can engage with the broadcast in real time via intuitive Q&A functionality, live polls and live chat. With careful planning you can utilise these features during presentations to encourage active participation from your delegates.

As your audience is likely to be participating from the comfort of their own home it’s important to consider the structure of your agenda. Including regular breaks and fun activities, such as yoga sessions or networking rooms, to help delegates feel like they are an active part of a community rather than passively watching a screen at home.

What value can I provide to my sponsors with a virtual event?

For sponsors, virtual events represent an incredible opportunity to conduct data driven marketing and understand what drives engagement with the target market. Unlike traditional in person events, where marketing attribution was always hit and miss, virtual and hybrid events allow sponsors to obtain detailed analytics for every touchpoint; including every advertisement type, virtual sponsor booth and sponsored session.

Digitally-enabled events, either virtual or hybrid, allow sponsors to gain the attention of a captive digital audience and allow for extremely granular marketing opportunities and insights.

You can learn more about our sponsorship features and advertising options via the link below:


How can I quickly take my in-person event virtual?

The short answer is it depends on the scale and complexity of the event.

We have successfully pivoted a range of in-person events to fully virtual usually within a matter of days. Our record is a 24 hour turnaround time!

The difficulty often arises when you have to manage a multitude of suppliers and get them to all work together. When pivoting an event, often communication and collaboration between suppliers can be an issue which is understandable as it's no small task to convert an entire event in a matter of days.

With our Virtual & Hybrid Event Control Centre, and dedicated staff of broadcast operators and platform specialists we can spin up a custom event in record time to ensure the show can go on.

The Delegate Connect platform provides a customisable and feature rich experience that’ll keep your attendees engaged, provide value to sponsors and allow you to easily manage your event.

Contact us today to find out more about our platform and service offering.

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