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Feature Spotlight: Event Customisation

The Delegate Connect platform gives you the freedom to design your event any way you want. Gone are the days of sticking to cookie-cutter designs.

Comprehensive customisation options allow you to change the colour scheme of your event to reflect your brand, update menu icons and wording, add multilingual translations, and much more. 

With Delegate Connect, you have complete control and flexibility over your event design.

Customisable Colour, Layout, and Menus

Customise the colour, layout, and menu functionality within your event. You’re able to design the platform to look and feel the way you want. The platform enables event planners to create a seamless branded experience for their delegates, from registration to event emails.


Image displaying the customisable platform


Multilingual Capabilities 

You can find an audience anywhere in the world. Whether you want to target specific international audiences by providing translated content or reach a global audience, our multilingual platform will enable you to deliver your event in over 16 languages. All of your content will be translated and updated in real-time.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

With sophisticated continuing professional development points (CPD) tracking and attribution available throughout the platform, you can ensure that all delegate interactions result in valid accreditation. Your delegates can even obtain multiple types of CPD points from numerous associations. 

Sponsor Features 

Sponsors and event organisers can customise the event advertising experience to enhance engagement and capture your audience’s attention. Sponsors can target delegates with relevant messaging with various advertising options across the platform and live stream. 

With our customisable sponsor features, your sponsors will have endless options.

Image of the platform with a sponsor banner ad



No more juggling or integrating between systems for event registration!

With our sophisticated customisable event registration features, you can create a custom registration process to suit your event. Capture as much information as you need, collect attendee interests and even accept payments in different currencies.  

You can ask your delegates as many questions about them when they’re registering for your event. Tailor the event registration to suit your event needs. 

Our customisable platform enables you to create an event experience designed to meet your event requirements. Start building the virtual or hybrid event of your dreams with Delegate Connect. Request a demo today!