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Feature Spotlight: Sponsor Ads and Engagement

Delegate Connect's suite of sponsorship features empowers event planners and sponsors alike, giving you the opportunity to create captivating interactions with delegates.

Delegate Connect Sponsor Features Image

Brand placement is crucial when delivering an event, you can now display your major partners/ sponsors on the front page of the platform or through a dedicated page. Sponsor profiles are a devoted page of information about a sponsor, each time the sponsors logo appears on the platform it will link directly to their profile page. Branded sponsor profile pages include:

  • Hosted video content 
  • Team directory to link delegates from the sponsor company to the profile
  • Uploaded downloadable resources (videos, marketing brochures)
  • Links to all sponsor external channels (website, social media, LinkedIn)
  • Direct link to chat as per the chat functionality

Direct video ads in your live stream enable you to target delegates between presentations or even in the middle of a talk. You can keep the video short and sweet, running up to 30 seconds or even 2-3 minutes long. Sponsorship targeting can be embedded into the on-demand video for viewing later.

Through the chat function, your delegates can engage directly with sponsors about their products and services. As well as text chat, delegates can book a video meeting to video chat with the sponsor to meet and connect on a more personal level.  

Takeover ads are an excellent way to create large, branded advertisements ensuring you capture the attention of delegates. When a delegate first visits the page, they are shown a full-screen advertisement. Takeover ads are available on the homepage or on individual pages. You can run specific takeover ads per event theme to ensure you reach the right target audience. 

Laptop displaying a takeover banner ad

These features are a marketers dream as they enable you to specifically target a delegate via what they’ve clicked on and what sessions they’ve attended. Sponsorship features will transform your next event and showcase your sponsors.